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Gallery Art on Paper, Melville, Johannesburg
April 5 – April 25, 2003: “Black & White” is a wry look at the mindless celebration of cultural diversity in the age of “globalisation”. The title refers to the stereotypes found in societies all over the world. These stereotypes are created by the many belief systems that ultimately cripple their subscribers.

The work challenges viewers to reconsider the meaning attached to everyday objects and the roles they play, albeit passive or active. Nothing is black or white.

Everyday objects create multiple meanings. Objects have symbolic meanings and these are juxtaposed to become narratives. South Africa has many stories to tell the world that are marginalised or omitted in the grand South African historical narrative.

Each work created is a story in itself. The neon lights are the idols of the new gods that advertising is successful in producing, maintaining and reproducing new belief systems – the commercial brand. ” …In gods we trust,” has become the new gospel.

Whenever people are confronted with the challenge of creating a post-apartheid society the only way forward is through trust.


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