14th Feb 2011

Barking up a blind alley

Mail & Guardian, Simon Njami, 14 Feb 2011. When I met Wayne Barker for the first time almost 20 years ago he was one of the angry kids on the...

13th Feb 2011

A patricidal imperative

City Press, Feb 2011, Wayne Barker‘s art is all about challenging past masters in a contemporary context, writes Percy Mabandu

11th Feb 2011

In the wake of a passage of rites

Mail & Guardian 11 Feb 2011, Matthew Partridge Contemporary South African art is full of mythological beasts with a long and increasingly involved and complicated history. One of those preeminent...

11th Feb 2011

A streak of madness and a lick of paint

Mail & Guardian, 11 Feb 2011, Matthew Krouse: WAYNE BARKER’s retrospective recalls a wild child who ‘inscribed something rich and mysterious’ on empty landscapes.

04th Feb 2011

Barker not so “Super boring”

Article on WAYNE BARKER, The Times, Feb 4, 2011, by Andrea Nagel: ‘I had people fighting over one of my works. I used to beg people to buy my work,...

03rd Feb 2011
Article CitiVibe

Rebel with a cause

CitiVibe, Art, 3 Feb 2011, WAYNE BARKER‘s retrospective exhibition “Super Boring” shines brightly